SPM was founded in 1954 near Lake Maggiore as a small family business that produced authentication and product certification seals (hence the acronym SPM – Seals in Plastic and Metal).

Over the years the company expanded in terms of size, organizational structure and product range, diversifying into different sectors: SPM’s Fashion Division was established in 1960, the Sports Division in 1978 and, last but not least, the Automotive Division in 1984.

Raw materials and industrial processes are the common denominator of the three Divisions and represent the core essence of the company: plastic and metals are moulded, decorated, cut, coloured, assembled, transformed… creating products that are entirely different one from the other.

Experience, research, passion and innovation have allowed SPM to place itself among the world leaders in all the sectors in which it operates.

SPM currently employs more than 200 highly specialized persons.